Never over-inflate your LYKKE pool. If you over-inflate, this will cause unnecessary strain on the seams and set off early leaks. Please read all instructions in the user manual that accompanies the pool and never use a high-pressure pump for inflation.

Never drag your pool around once it is filled with water. The weight of the water can cause your pool to tear.

When you are finished using your pool: empty, deflate and put it away in a safe spot.


Pool size is 5.6ft x 20in (pool diameter will expand slightly when it is filled with water).

The water fill line is at 12inches high. We advise against filling the pool beyond that line.

Our pools fit 2 adults comfortably.

No, we do not recommend pets in the pool as this could result in punctures.

As much as we love pets around here, their sharp nails and teeth are no match - even for our durable, thick vinyl.

No. Our pools are not meant to be set up on balconies. The weight of the water could be too heavy for the structural integrity of a balcony and cause collapse or bodily harm.

Make sure that your deck can handle the weight of the water.

On a flat surface free of debris and edges that could puncture the pool. You may like putting a mat underneath for padding if not used in grass.

The area where the pool is to be set up must be absolutely flat, firm and level. Do not set up the pool on a slope or inclined surface.

Good question! We are a small start-up company and all of our designs are printed in small batches. The typical big box store inflatable pool that costs $50 is printed in much larger volumes which drives pricing down.

Our pools are also extremely durable and the quality is a lot better than the big box store inflatable pools.

We are proud to introduce our inflatable pools made from 100% recycled pvc materials, making them an environmentally conscious choice for your summer fun. Our pools are not only a sustainable choice when it comes to the inflatables market, but also safe for you and your loved ones. Made from tested non-toxic 16P phthalate-free pvc material, our pools do not contain lead or heavy metals. Our pvc material is almost twice as thick as what is on the market, ensuring a longer lifespan for your pool with proper care.

Please watch our inflatable pool inflation and deflation How-To Videos on our Inflation Page.

We recommend a standard electric inflatable pump (sold separately), a foot pump or a hair dryer (on COLD ONLY).

: NEVER use a high-pressure air compressor. Use of an air compressor or over-inflation can rupture the product beyond repair.

Watch our inflation and deflation How-To Videos on our Inflation Page.

If your pool is losing air/deflating:

If there is a tear, use the patch kit that was sent with your pool, follow the instructions on the patch kit and patch the tear. If there is not tear to be found...

Make sure your air port is closed properly. If you leave a gap in your air port, air will slowly leak out and cause your pool to deflate. Refer to the image here to make sure your port is closed properly.

If your pool is leaking water out the bottom:

Make sure your drain plug is closed properly. Sometimes the drain plug cap can get pinched while closing it. Make sure the entire drain cap is pushed down and there are no gaps.
Refer to the image here to make sure your drain plug is properly closed.


If your pool has stains that hose water cannot fix, usually a gentle dish soap and rag will take care of it. Never use chemicals to clean your pool as it will damage it. Make sure to rinse it well with water and let it completely air dry before packing it up between uses to prevent mildew.

Do not modify this product or use accessories supplied by other manufacturers (e.g.: pumps, filters, etc).

We recommend that you drain, rinse, dry and deflate your inflatable pool after each use. Draining and deflating your pool will keep kids and pets safe when the pool is not in use. Rinsing your pool after each use will prevent the pool from getting “slippery” on the bottom – as stagnant water will do that to any pool that you don’t use chemicals in.

NEVER! You should always drain your pool when it is not in use to ensure children do not enter unsupervised.

Also, standing still water will get dirty and can grow algae so emptying the pool will help keep it clean and last longer.

Always use the drain. Trying to flip the pool over to pour out the water can result in tearing because the weight of the water will stretch the seams.

To get the water to drain quicker, place something under the pool near the drain (such as a soccer ball or a rolled up towel – nothing with sharp edges that could puncture the vinyl) so that the drain is off the ground and encourages outward flow from the pool.

To prolong the life of your pool, we recommend that you rinse it with fresh water and let it air dry after every use. Store it in a dry and in a cool environment with no UV exposure to protect against sun damage.

We currently do not provide covers for our inflatable pools. Our policy is to encourage customers to drain, deflate and put away the pool after each use. There are two main reasons for this suggestion:

Safety is our top priority. We advise against leaving unattended water in the pool to prevent any accidents involving children and pets. We strongly advocate for water safety. For more information on this topic, you can visit our water safety page at https://lykkeshop.com/pages/safety.

Maintaining pool cleanliness. Draining the pool after use helps prevent any buildup of unwanted residue, keeping your pool clean and hygienic.

*We advise against covering your inflatable pool*

No. We advise against modifying this product in any way. Do not use after market accessories supplied by other manufacturers (such as heater, pumps, filters, etc.)

LYKKE pools are made with high quality extra thick, heavyweight vinyl to ensure a long inflatable life. In the unlikely event that the inflatable gets punctured, follow these steps to fix it:

1. Identify the puncture site

2. When deflated, clean the inflatable around the puncture and make sure the area is completely dry

3. Patch the leak with the patch included. Peel the clear repair patch and apply directly over the puncture

4. Press firmly to set the repair patch to the inflatable

5. Wait 5 minutes before inflating