1. Unfold your pool and set it up on a flat surface, free of any sharp objects that could puncture it.
  2. Fully open the air chamber.
  3. Fully insert black mid-valve into the clear valve base. Insert any standard inflation device into the black mid-valve, hold firmly and inflate.
  4. Using an inflation device, inflate the chamber. We recommend a standard electric inflatable pump, a foot pump or a hair dryer (on COLD ONLY).
    CAUTION: NEVER use a high-pressure air compressor. Use of an air compressor or over-inflation can rupture the product beyond repair.
  5. Fully close air chamber and ensure the black mid-valve and the flap plug are completely pressed into the pool.
    IMPORTANT: If there is a gap between the black mid-valve and the open port, air can slowly leak out. If the valve isn’t closed tightly before you fill it with water, it can become loose once water is added.
  6. Get in your LYKKE pool and unwind!


  • DO NOT OVER INFLATE. This will cause unnecessary strain on the seams and set off early leaks.
  • NOTE that the pool may have some wrinkles upon first inflation because it is made of very durable, heavyweight vinyl. This is so it withstands stretching from water weight and warm sun and will “iron out” out upon first use. Do not over-inflate to get wrinkles out, you could pop your pool.


1.   When finished with the pool, always drain the water and let the pool dry prior to deflating.
TIP: to get the water to drain quicker, place something under the pool near the drain (such as a soccer ball or a rolled up towel – nothing with sharp edges that could puncture the vinyl) so that the drain is off the ground and encourages outward flow from the pool.

2.   Simply pull the entire valve out of the inflatable pool and air will escape the pool quickly.

Please remember that only adults should assemble LYKKE pools.