The Inflatable Pool Has Been Reinvented!

The Inflatable Pool Has Been Reinvented!

"The inflatable pool I didn't know I needed", is just one way to describe the luxury inflatable pools for adults by LYKKE. Our company name LYKKE comes from the Danish word meaning Pursuit of Happiness and this is exactly what we want you to experience -- all summer long!

Our Ottawa based e-commerce start-up LYKKE, created by our founder Melanie McNamee, has re-invented adult pools, by providing a more rigid and stable design that both adults and kids (age 6+ with adult supervision) can enjoy together. Founded in 2020, LYKKE is Canada’s first designer inflatable pool brand.

“During the lockdowns at the beginning of COVID, I searched the internet for an inflatable pool that my husband and I could use with our 4-year-old,” remembers Melanie. “We needed something that wouldn’t tip over and overflow with all of us in it. Just as importantly, it had to be one with a design that would fit the style of our backyard - which is really an extension of our home.”

Sitting back to enjoy a dip in the sunshine with a friend in an inflatable pool can be a challenge. Most inflatable pools on the market are geared toward children, with colorful cartoon patterns, made of low quality plastics, and have non-existent back support.

Uninspired by the quality and design of every inflatable pool she looked at, Melanie decided to dream up her own vision. Today, LYKKE pools are crafted from heavyweight, luxe-touch PVC and have rigid structure to support the relaxation of two adults comfortably. “After over a year of research and development, meticulously creating timeless and chic patterns, I finally felt ready to share my designer inflatable pools with my community. The response has been incredible.” The inflatable pool has been re-invented!

As for style, we are bringing back the top selling designs that SOLD OUT last season. Think the Scandinavian inspired Naturally Nordic, a pool with clean lines, and minimally patterned in classic black and white. Or try the Art Deco pool which brings some modernized 1920's flair to your backyard oasis with it’s bold and timeless arched pattern. 

Of course, we have also launched a gorgeous new line-up of adult pools for 2022! Designed in Canada, our industry leading inflatable pools for adults, are high quality, durable products, which are on-trend and modern, with a feminine edge, and a pop of personality. Our LYKKE pools prove that inflatable pools are not just for kids anymore. We have also launched our first ever hat collection, featuring luxe raffia visors in a variety of colors. Each visor is made by hand, making each piece as unique as our pools.

At LYKKE our objective is to provide our community with beautiful, inflatable pools for adults. With Covid-19 restrictions easing across the country, we have crafted our luxury inflatable pools to be stylish enough to show off to your friends. Invite them over for delicious iced coffees, spicy margaritas, or sparkling mimosas, poolside!

Looking for a modern inflatable pool? LYKKE pools start at $175 (compliments from friends included). You can also purchase an electric air pump so you can set up your pool in mere minutes right out of the box. All orders in Canada over $100 receive free shipping. Shop at WWW.LYKKESHOP.COM