How to keep your inflatable pool clean naturally (no chemicals!)

A woman sitting comfortably in an adult inflatable pool, wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses, with a book in hand, surrounded by a lush green backyard

Good weather is on the way and once it arrives, we're going to need some way to cool down. Enter: the inflatable pool. LYKKE has reinvented the inflatable pool! They’re not just made for kids anymore and with good reason. Covid brought people back into their backyards and longing to create a backyard oasis. The must have piece of garden furniture became the inflatable pool for adults. Something that brings the “joie de vivre” back to a stale backyard and perfect for bringing poolside chic to your back garden in an instant. LYKKE pools are crafted from heavyweight, luxe-touch PVC and have a reinforced structure to support the relaxation of two adults comfortably.

Today, we’re sharing tip and tricks on how to keep your beautiful adult inflatable pool fresh and clean. Not only to avoid the dreaded “slimy bottom” but also to prolong the longevity of your inflatable pool. Because let’s be serious – no one wants to spend a sunny afternoon scrubbing out a dirty inflatable pool. These steps will help you get ahead of that dreaded chore altogether.


1) Choose the right location for your pool
Location matters! You’ll want to choose an area of your backyard that is clear of trees. Leafy trees will shed leaves even if its not fall, pine trees can create their own problems (think sap dripping into your pool), and we also have the problem of birds in trees (the only thing you want dropping in your pool is the condensation of your cold beverage, not bird droppings. YIKES!). We also recommend not placing it near sandboxes.

2) Get a rinse bucket
If you’re very attentive to what’s floating around in your pool (dirt, grass blades, etc.), place a medium sized dishpan basin filled with fresh water near the pool so you can rinse off your feet prior to getting in.   

3) Get a small pool skimmer net
Inevitably, leaves, bugs, grass and dirt could make their way into your pool. Investing in a small pool skimmer net is a very quick and easy solution that problem. Skim the undesirables out as soon as they fly in. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional. You could also use a soup strainer which most Dollar Stores stock.

4) Use an oil-absorbing sponge
Using an oil-absorbing sponge has also been a popular tool if you want to keep inflatable pool water clean from oils (think sunscreens) and sweat. These special oil-sucking sponges can suck the oils out of the water, whether they’re on the surface or at the bottom of your pool.

5) Empty, rinse and dry your pool after each use
This is the most important tip out of the entire list. We advise that you drain, rinse, dry and deflate your inflatable pool after each use. Firstly, draining and deflating your pool will keep kids and pets safe when the pool is not in use. Children, pets and wildlife can drown in unattended water. It is never OK to leave your pool full of water.

Rinsing your pool after each use will prevent the pool from getting “slippery” on the bottom – as stagnant water will do that to any pool that you don’t use chemicals in.

6) Use mild dish soap when rinsing out your pool
If your pool has stains that hose water cannot fix, usually a gentle dish soap and rag will take care of it. Never use chemicals to clean your pool as it will damage the PVC and print. Make sure to rinse it well with water and let it completely air dry before packing it up between uses to prevent mildew.

For more information about how to care for and maintain your inflatable pool, visit our FAQ page.