6 Essentials That Will Elevate Your Inflatable Pool Game

6 Essentials That Will Elevate Your Inflatable Pool Game

Are you one among the many people who decided to invest in an inflatable pool this summer? You’re probably super excited for the weather to warm up so you can hop in and cool off (in style!) once the temperatures start to soar. If you’re anything like us and like to plan out your backyard oasis, keep reading for tips on how to elevate your backyard pool space! Inflatable pools are great on their own but with a bit of accessories and essentials – your space could be next level in no time!

1) Outdoor Area Rug

Outdoor area rug for inflatable pool

Adding an outdoor area rug underneath your inflatable pool really warms up the space nicely and creates and anchor for your space. It's aesthetically pleasing & also helps protect your beautiful inflatable pool from any debris that could be on the ground (pebbles, rocks, twigs, etc.)

We love this inexpensive Home Deport option. It’s reversible, comes in a variety of colors and fits perfectly under a LYKKE Designer Inflatable Pool.

2) Electric Air Pump

LYKKE Electric Air Pump

If you’d like to spend less time blowing up your inflatable pool and more time relaxing in it, we recommend getting an electric air pump. This air pump is small but mighty. The LYKKE quick fill air pump will make blowing up your pool effortless. This pump works with a household electrical outlet and will inflate your pool in under 2 minutes! Great for all your other inflatables as well with the various nozzles!

It includes 3 detachable nozzles for your LYKKE pool and your other inflatables and plugs into a standard North American outlet.


 3) Garden Stool

Beautiful inflatable pool with garden stool

A side table or stool is another great essential to add to your backyard oasis. It’s not only functional, in that you can grab a drink, book, or sunglasses easily as they’ll be within reach but it’s also one of those design elements that help brings the space together.

We love these stools from Wayfair – they have a minimal and contemporary design that match our pools perfectly!



 4) Chic Umbrella

Chic patio umbrella

Create a shady oasis on your patio or deck with this fabulous umbrella - sure to make any sunny day spent outside even more pleasant. The slender aluminum pole sports a powder-coated brown finish and features a standard crack lift, while a push-button tilt mechanism lets you stay in the shade as the sun moves across the sky. We find it hard to find a prettier umbrella than this octagonal silhouette with classic scalloped edges and contrasting trim. A thing of beauty.


5) Drink Cooler

Yeti drink cooler

Summer days can get excruciatingly hot and there’s no better way to cool down than with an ice-cold drink. And let be serious, no one wants a lukewarm beverage served to them in 30 degree weather!
We love the aesthetic of Yeti coolers. They have clean lines, come in simple colors, and are probably one of the best quality coolers we’ve ever purchased. Tall enough to chill most bottles of wine and keep the essentials fresh while you take a dip in your pretty inflatable pool. It’s worth the investment – this is a cooler that will last you a lifetime. 

6) Floating Pool Lights

Floating Pool Lights

Now this is EXTRA. We love seeing our pools lit up on a beautiful toasty evening. Nothing is more inviting than a dip under the stars.
Adding floating LED pool lights is next level (dare we say…bougie!) and will make your backyard oasis memorable for anyone who has the pleasure of visiting it. Look no further, these floating lights are going to be a perfect addition to your outdoor living space.