LYKKESHOP.COM Facebook Catalog Update Feed This feed is used to upload missing attributes to the Facebook product catalog (such as additional product images) 41348128997528 Lykke Shop Pool LIP-0007 Blue Floral 7134061592728 41348128997528 Non-toxic PVC unisex adult 41348134600856 Lykke Shop Pool LIP-0008 Black Arches 7134066016408 41348134600856 Non-toxic PVC unisex adult 37353623552152 Lykke Shop Perfect to post up in the backyard, the Muskoka Adult Inflatable Pool will bring memories of the lake, cottage or camping to wherever you are. (Don’t be shy about bringing this one to the cottage or camping trip, too!) Pool LIP-0001 6069994487960 37353623552152 Non-toxic PVC unisex adult